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GOLDUXE - Frequent Questions.

How does the licensing work? 

User can select 3 or 5 Live account/s to use for Golduxe. If you need unlimited license please contact us for cost. We don't sell source codes.

Can I change account number? 

Yes, once you change account numbers at any time.

If you are a license holder already and need to buy more licenses, they are available for $99 per new live account.

Which platform do i need?

You will need MT4. (metatraderr4)

Can you recommend a broker? 

Any well known broker will work with good spread in GOLD, we suggest Razar, ECN or RAW accounts. Target gold spread should be 15 cents or lower (i.e 2056.20/2056.35)

Does it Trade over high impact news? 

No, news it typically released at 830 EST, the Golduxe wont open first order until 0930 EST, thereby removing the risk of high level news events. There is news on occasion at 1000 EST, but its typically not a high risk event such as NFP/FOMC etc.

Does it Trade every day?

Yes, it will place orders twice a day, and normally the orders is filled, on rare ocassions the order is not filled.

Will it work on other currency pairs?

No, the Golduxe algo is specially formulated for GOLD only, it not advisable to use other instruments.

Do I need a VPS?

Not essential but recommended for the value of $15 per month, gives you peace of mind the EA is always connected to broker.

Which time frame does it run on?

It runs on the 5Minute Charts of Gold (XAUUSD)

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