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GOLDUXE V2 IS HERE! - An Essential Upgrade!

What is V2 Golduxe About?

GoldUxe V2 is an essential upgrade to boost and maximise your account performance.  The natural evolution of golduxe has taken all the requests and hints from users to bring the next generation golduxe Weapon.

All current license holders will be upgraded!

More Power, More Profit, More Trades & More User Features with PROP TRADING Account Scrambler* Functions.

When is being implemented?

Golduxe V2 is being rolled out at the start of March 2024 to all existing users. All new buyers will be supplied V2 and V1 will no longer be supported or serviced. All Tracking and trading accounts will be also switched over on our performance records.

How does it differ?

Golduxe V2 is now uses a 2 chart setup over a 1 chart setup. It also drops the recovery value from 5 to 3.

Recovery Trade Factor drops to 3.0 from 5.0. An aggressive recovery trade is not required. A huge plus.

Golduxe V2 now uses a breakeven feature in trading

Change to the trailing stop parameters. Additionally, users can also define their own.

Modification to the gaps. Users can now edit the gap up and gap down at the placement of orders (previously hidden)

Sets orders twice daily. The increase in number of trades improves prop challenge pass times

Improvement in code for quicker movement of the trailing function.

Massive Benefits for PROP users, traders can now "scramble" their Gap settings, trailing settings and breakeven settings to personalise their entry and exits, so not all traders are using identical entry and exits, therefore avoiding prop firm breaches.

Why does it benefit the user?

The introduction of the 2nd trade to the strategy will allow users to diversify their trading with Golduxe. The 2 trades occur at different times of the day so their is zero correlation between the trades. With 2 trades per day working for you, it allows greater trading performance without any trade overlap.

Which time frame does it run on?

The 2 charts work on 5 Min Chart of Gold (XAUUSD).

Quick Look Comparison

The Version2 provides a much richer and interactive experience for the user. See the comparison of the 2 versions.

Historical Performance Assessment & Comparison

The Version2 provides a much stronger performance curve than the V1. The combination of the 2 trades offers a stronger return on client investment.

A massive benefit is the client can now drop the recovery trade to 3.0 from 5.0 & still improve performance on the account.

Lets assume a 3 year investment using a 2 - 5 - 10 Risk Profile. (RISK BASED - Start risk 2%, Recovery 5.0, Max Risk 10%) on Version 1. The return was $37k for a dradown of $2.4k. And this was risking 10% of the account at times on a single trade.


Now, moving to V2, Lets assume a 3 year investment using a 2 - 3 - 6 Risk Profile. (RISK BASED - Start risk 2%, Recovery 3.0, Max Risk 6%) on Version 2. As you will notice now, the maximum risk per trade is now dropped from 10% to 6%.


So we have a total combined return of $65k and with much less risk per trade and similar drawdown. This is a massive 75% increase in performance and much easier to live with recovery trade. Full backtest report can be found on the main homepage.

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